Cultivating Independent Life Skills

Supported Living for young people

Disability Support

We assist people with a wide range of learning disabilities in learning essential skills and achieving their goals, while also promoting greater independence. Our sole focus is always on the people we support and what works best for them. We develop person-centered support plans in partnership with service users, their circle of support, and involved professionals to ensure that we are building on each person's strengths, abilities, and aspirations. It is essential that those we assist understand and are satisfied with their individualised plans. That is why, for them to understand our plans, we use a variety of communication methods such as spider diagrams, visual plans, and goals. We assist individuals in co-creating their plans. Each support plan promotes the understanding that every person with learning disabilities develops at their own pace. We understand many factors can have an impact on development. As a result, our teams adapt to the needs of the individual and identify alternative goal-achieving methods that may be more suitable for the individual. Starlight Homecare believes that promoting independence with the individual at the centre of their care, making their own choices and decisions, improves the lives of service users. We help build confidence and abilities so people can live safely with as little support as possible, from financial budgeting to travel training and assisting individuals with learning disabilities in finding work or volunteering opportunities in their communities. We are optimistic about what people can accomplish and always celebrate accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Our team of dedicated support workers includes staff with extensive knowledge gained over many years of experience, as well as staff new to care, and everyone receives our own specialist training to equip them with the necessary skills to deliver the excellent quality, values-based support. We always try to match staff with the people they support, whether through skill set, personality, interests and hobbies, or other factors, as this promotes the development of trusting relationships and allows everyone's talents to shine.

We are committed to helping young people thrive in these crucial aspects of their lives.

Our mission is to empower individuals aged 16 to 25 by emphasizing their strengths and fostering positive support networks to help them realize their dreams. This may include pursuing further education, seeking fulfilling employment opportunities, or cultivating new friendships.


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